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Tender Notice -Surplus Vehicles    
Tender Form Surplus Vehicles   
Notice for - Dhaan Pusa Basmati
Auction for Old Vehicles and other items

         Dated,03/02/2012 F

Ammendment Auction for Old Vehicles and other items

        Dated,02/02/2012 F

Auction Notice for - Dhaan Pusa Basmati

  Local Tenders-

Cleaning,Repair & Maintenance of `Haulage Test Track`

        Due Date:05/01/2012    

Construction of Recharge Pond

Due Date:15/03/2011

Tender for Aluminium Section Work

        Due Date:05/03/2012   F

Nivida For - Generator Set,Pump & Water Supply Operation  


Quotation for Dyno. Automation
Quotation for tractor/two/Four Wheel Trailer/Tipping Trailer
Road Sweeper(BroomerWith prime mover)

Due Date:31/01/2011

Purchase of tractor Two/Four wheel Trailer/Tipping Trailer

Due Date:17/03/2011

Purchase of`Router` for Lan Work Distribution

Due Date:15/09/2011

Procurement of diesel smoke meter

Due Date:27/09/2011

Quotation for Tractor Trailer

Due Date:15/10/2011

Corrigendum-Quotation for Tractor Trailer
Due Date:31/10/2011 Procurement of EOT Crane 5T 
   Due Date:26/01/2012F Procurement of Load Cell,Indicators
   DueDate:07/03/2012F Procurement of Seed Drill & planters


Procurement of Cotton Yarn 1000kg
   DueDate:02/04/2012F Procurement of Load Cell,Indicators 
20/05/2014 Auction of Wheat 
  Due Date- 06/10/2014 Tender Invited for procurement of 'Digital Hydraulic Inline Tester'
Due Date- 22/09/2014 Tender Invited for procurement of 'Digital steering Torque Meter'
Due Date 25.9.2014 Tender for Contractor
Due Date 16.9.2014 Farm Labour Tender Notice 08.09.2014
Due Date 01.9.2014 Tender for Labour Contract 18.08.2014
Due Date 01.9.2014 Tender for Security Contract 18.08.2014
Due Date 25.9.2014 Tender for Contractor 
Due date- 19.11.2014 Swaraj 8100 Combine Harvester
Due Date -12/9/2014 Revised Quotation Invited For Procurement of 'SMF(Sealed Maintenance Free)
  Technical Comparision of EC Dyno 20-80kW
  Price Comparision of EC Dyno 20-80kW
Due Date -05/01/2015 Procurement of Shell and Tube Type Cooler  
Comparision of Streeing Torque Meter (Tecnical & Price)
Due Date,25/2/2015 Repair of Diesel Engine,
Due Date,24/02/20152.30PM Combine Auction Notice
Due Date:13/04/2015 at 3.00PM   1.Paddy Brand HMT  
   2. Paddy Brand Pusa PB-1
Due Date 20/05/2015 Global Tender


1.Load Car (Tractor)- 75 kN


2.Load Car (Power Tiller)- 10 kN
Due Date,22/06/2015 Maintenance of AC Plant 
Due Date,2/07/2015  Procurement of Eddy Current Dynamometer-500kW  
Procurement of EC Dyno.-500kW - Technical Comparision
  Tender for Hostel Canteen 
  Tender Publication Notice-Combine Harvester Auction
  Sealed Tender invited for providing various Manpower Outsourcing Services-Due
on  15/12/2015 , 3:00PM
  Quotation for  Procurement of Sensors and Other Items    -Last Date 17/12/2015
  Quotation invited for Procurement of various items
  Quotation invited for cleaning work of Paddy crop             -Last date 06/01/2016
  Tender Notice -Various Manpower through Outsourcing Services newicon.gif (2364 bytes)
  Tender Notice for Surplus Vehicle- Last Date 01/03/2016
  Tender Notice For Surplus Vehicle  -Last Date 18/03/2016
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