Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute, Budni(M.P.)
Government of India
Department of Agriculture , Cooperation And  Farmers Welfare
Procurement /Tender/Auction
Tender Notice     
Supply Order    
Auction TenderNotice for Auction of  Crop (Wheat and Gram) at 3.0pm on 20.06.2019  
Tender Notice For Auction of Harticultural Crops( Sapota, Mango,Jackfruit,Lemon)_Auctin Date 16.04.2019 at 2.30PM        
TenderNotice for auction of Paddy Crop  at 2.30pm on 14.03.2019  
Archive E-Auction Notice for Paddy Crop Last date 19.02.2019 , 6.0PM  
  Tender Notice for Contractual Work  for Paddy transplantation in the field  last date 10.7.2018 at 3.0pm
Tender Notice for providing canteen facilities in the Institute,Last date 27.12.2018 at 1.0PM
  Tender Notice for house keeping works on contractual basis for 6 month only  
  Tender Notice invited for Unskilled workers for Official Multi Task works last date 07/12/2018 at 3.0PM  
  Tender Notice invited for cleaning of Paddy Crop last date 04/12/2018 at 5.0pm  
  Tender Notice for providing canteen facilities in the Institute,Last date 26.10.2018  
  Global Tender Notice for Procurement of Self-Propelled Traction Load Car-Pull 80kN(Max.) last date 18/08/2018 6.0pm  
  Supply order of Steering Effort Meter dated 18.1.2017
Tender Notice for Auction of wheat  Crop ,Auction Date at 14.04.2018 at 3.00 PM
  Supply order of Digital Waighing Pad dated 19.01.2017  
  Tender Notice For Contractual Work in Farm Section last date 22.03.2018  
  Tender Notice For Cleaning works on contractual basis for 6 month Last Date  23.03.2018  
  Tender Notice for Auction of Paddy Crop at 2.30pm on 15.03.2018  
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